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Case Study

Postcard and Tag


Website, iOS Mobile App, Android Mobile App


Social media for tour and travels



Accenza Team


Tech Used

HTML5, AngularJS, CakePHP, MySQL and
Phonegap (Cordova)


Indonesia and UK

Sharing is the key to discovery. This is exactly why Postcard & Tag has created a new visual social travel directory that allows users to discover and share photos of travel destinations around the world.


What Punyo and Ruth wanted, was to implement a simple idea. The idea was to take the traditional postcard and evolving it to become social, local, and mobile (so-lo-mo) so it becomes synonymous with traveling in the 21st century. They wanted to create the essence of what the postcard represented, which is a voyage of a discovery, a form of messaging, and more importantly, a momento and visual snapshot of that person’s time in a memorable place. They approached Accenza because they wanted their front-end UI experience to come to life and have someone work with mastery on developing their entire platform with the latest technology (AngularJS and the like). They needed a team who could help implement their idea with keen precision with smart, robust, modular and secure front-end and back-end engineering.


Accenza helped the Postcard & Tag team in re-implementing their old platform which was in Wordpress to PHP using the cakePHP framework and the entire front-end in AngularJS. Accenza developed and optimized the service across 3 platforms: website (a responsive website), an iOS mobile app, and an Android mobile app. It integrates the user’s account with all the major social media platforms and classifies the offering and engagement into 5 distinct categories: Sleep, Eat and Drink, See and Do, Shop and Play.


Accenza helped Postcard & Tag to establish a vibrant and visual travel community platform, thoroughly dedicated to unearthing the most up-to-date and unique finds, be it a trendy new hotel, an upcoming restaurant, or a largely unexplored cultural experience. In the words of Mr. Punyo Sakharet, co-founder of Postcard & Tag “we have re-invigorated and personalised the traditional post card and brought it into the 21st century” post working with Accenza.


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