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Case Study





Online Marketplace, Manufacturing, Landscaping



Accenza Team


Tech Used

HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS, CakePHP, MySQL


Rotterdam, Netherlands

People are so amazed with this system, I wish you could see their reactions, we have never ever experienced this before in our professional life.

- Brendon Carpenter, Partner, Yardesign

Yardesign is a unique and dedicated multi-layer matrix marketplace for consumers looking to purchase products and hire services after virtually testing and experiencing them on the web application (aided by 3D designs).


The core battle was to create an online ecosystem connecting all the stakeholders serving the different targeted verticals. Globally, prior to Yardesign, there existed an imperfect marketplace in these verticals - the stakeholders transact via pre-existing relationships, offline and without sufficient data, options, efficiency, and efficacy. This was true whether one was hunting for a perfect landscaper or was looking to purchase a product to beautify one’s garden. This would not only be time consuming but the buyer would also be at the mercy of the option and price being provided by his/her personal connect. From the aforementioned narrative, it’s clear what Yardesign needed. Over and above, it wanted to provide the buyers with a guided response system, it wanted a modular product architecture which would integrate with a number of external manufacturer/retailer/service provider systems with APIs, and it wanted a cutting-edge user experience.


Accenza developed a platform for all the stakeholders to come together on one page. The way the platform’s been setup, one can virtually design their garden simply with an idea. Accenza has developed the capability for showcasing the various options as 3D interfaces so the consumer can precisely see what their garden might look like with a combination of the selected offering. Template designs are also provided so the consumer can benchmark their virtual garden design against these.

Accenza helped with the planning and implementation of the necessary graphic and UI design set, along with HTML coding, functionality planning and engineering, 3rd party tools/API integration, smart, flexible, and scalable database design and with dedicated testing.


Jubilant by the work on the first two phases, Yardesign wanted Accenza to work on the next one too. The third phase entails a seamless interaction between the first two phases. The customer will soon be able to search for an architect to build the garden with the purchased products.


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